The New Smart Flower POP+

This is a all in one Solar option with 2 models to chose from, the Smart Flower option 1 has a built in Grid tie inverter with 2.3Kw output enough to run your house during the day off sun power. The second option is battery backup. Both are truly great products self cleaning, folds away if needed and at night. For more info contact us.


The Solar camp and 4×4 kits is the newest item to be added to our range of products, it runs your fridge and LED lights, camping made easy by a simple plug n play option, kits are

1 x 90w Solar Panel

1 x Victron MPPT Charge Controller

1 x Canvas Bag

1 x Set Cables


Grid Tie Systems

A grid tie system is connected to the power utility grid and works with it, when the sun shines it feeds power to the grid tie inverter and this then feeds the house power grid, IT NEEDS Eskom power to work and if Eskom is off so is your system!!

The advantage is no battery’s are needed for this system the disadvantage is no Eskom no power.

Off Grid Systems

An off grid system makes its own power and then feeds a bank of battery’s, they store the power for night use. This system costs more but you are independent of Eskom, if Eskom is off you still have power.

In this system you make the power you need and store it, no rolling black out and virtually no bill. IF you already have a pre paid meter it can serve as a standby power source for when the sun has not been great for a number of days then you can allow a small amount of Eskom power n to charge battery’s and no noisy generator is needed.